Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Weeks later...

So it looks like we're 7 weeks as of today. I worked 10 straight days at work in order to get today off so I could go to the doctors. And let me tell you, working 10 straight days isn't easy, now try doing that with morning sickness and a constant tiredness.

My birthday was on the 27th, and while I wanted to go out and have dinner or do anything I worked at 5am and came home and puked the rest of the night. And this wasn't my 21st birthday, so you can imagine my joy. Dom got me a puppy for my birthday so I didnt expect much, he did come home with the most beautiful flower arrangement a couple of days before my birthday which smelled wonderful. I also received a lot of love from friends and family,  which I read in between trips to the bathroom =p

I have been working morning shifts at work for the past two weeks. I arrive at work between 5am and 7am, Im not much of a morning person if you know me. I like to take my time waking up, maybe watch some tv then get on with my day. I think working this early has played a big part in my morning sickness, don't let the "morning" part fool you,  that stuff follows you around all day, all night even haunts you in your dreams. Apparently I wasnt one of the lucky ones that doesn't get morning sickness...sigh..
I had a prescription for anti nausea meds but I was too lazy to go get it, and I dont like taking pills, especially when you tell me things like oh you're gonna be constipated...Oh that sounds great, I wont puke but I also wont poo....Well 3 days ago I finally gave in and got the pills. I took one and it probably took a couple hours for it to kick in, (I had just eaten a subway sandwich, and it probably had to get through that to start working) Also Fun fact: When you're pregnant you have to heat/cook your deli meats.I didnt know that. Back to the little pill of wonderfulness, I felt like I had woken up from a coma. I was finally able to enjoy life again, for the first time in 2 weeks I was able to come home and do something besides lay down in the bed and stay there until the next morning.

Anyways we had our second visit to the doctors today, we rented a car as puppy had a vet appointment also, and figured payday friday, lets do some shopping for things we need. Our grocery store by our house isnt very big. Let me give you an idea, the types of fish they sell is Catfish and Catfish. Dom swore he saw salmon there one day, I still dont believe him.
Im starting to build up my little mommy to be things, I recently bought the preggie pops, which are supposed to help with nausea, theyre pretty yummy and theyre sour! And I also bought the book What to expect when you're expecting. I shall go start buying baby diapers tomorrow and will continue with every paycheck as everyone Ive spoken with said to start buying things early on.
Our appointment was at 9:20 for the ultrasound and the other appointments would follow, well the car rental place took their sweet time in getting us a car so I had to call and let the doctor know I would be late. We got there 15 minutes late. The receptionist checked me in and I sat in a very nice little blue recliner, its going to be my goal to try out all of the different chairs and couches in there I have decided. We waited 15, 30, 35 minutes and finally I hear my name called. Elizabeth takes us into the ultrasound room, a spacious room with a 40in tv on the wall a cute little seat and the exam table and ultrasound. She leaves the room while I get settled in, a minute later there is a knock on the door and shes back. The stirrups, have pink fuzzies on them, nice try, they still freak me out. I have to get another inside ultrasound again. She must be a genius because all I see is black and weird shapes in there. She finds little bean and I see some pumping motions, the heartbeat!!! My little alien has a heartbeat of 130 beats per minute. She then checks my ovaries and tells me that bean came from my left ovary. It was bound to happen I am a leftie. After shes done with my ovaries we go back to bean. It is the oddest and most surreal moment to see this little line and a tiny little heart beating. Theres a yolk sac next to it and she tells me that its only temporarily there until the placenta grows.
I'm still thinking about the little heartbeats. Theres a blueberry inside of me and it has a beating heart. Limbs will start growing next week, and then fingernails come sis.

                        It looks a little long....could I possibly have a little basketball player on the way?

When we get done we go back outside and wait to go and talk to the doctor. After an eternity she finally comes in, this is the actual doctor, Dr. Brigger. She looks familiar, and has a genuine smile, she glowed. Well I later found out why she has a glow, shes also pregnant!  Shes due in July so I should be fine to see her in November. She tells me everything looked great in the ultrasound, and that all of my bloodwork came back normal, no stds, no cat litter disease, and Im O+ which I already knew, feel free though to keep that blood and use it for future reference on things. I did however have imbalanced bacteria so Im taking antibiotics for it, it apparently happens to a lot of pregnant women.
 We have an appointment for the 3rd and an ultrasound at 20 weeks to find out the sex. I could pay $100 extra and find out at 16-18 weeks but I think Ill wait.
                                     Brandi is the PA on the left, Dr. Brigger is on the right.

We talked to the financial coordinator after everything, all I owe the clinic is less than $200. I knew my 90/10 insurance would come in handy one day.. I have to register at the hospital which is across the way from them, and then figure out how much hospital costs will be. Oh dear. They say it can cost up to $18,000 in hospital fees to have a baby, thats insane!!! Please oh please health insurance this is your time to help me.

It had been a very long day already and what was supposed to be a 1 hour appointment turned longer, we didnt get out of there until almost 12pm and we were both starving. I or maybe bean was craving country fried steak, unfortunately theres no pattys eggnest or leenas here. So we went to Cracker Barrel for the first time, for $10 I got my country fried steak and 3 sides, no wonder everyones so fat down here!! Dom got a chicken club sandwich which he finished in 30 seconds....poor guys eating for two since I havent been eating much.
Tomorrow were going to go see Jurassic Park 3D. Yes, bean will be taught only the best movies.

November 22, 2013 little bean will come into the world. Give or take a couple of days.