Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First visit to the doctors

Its been exactly one week since I found out I had an unexplained visitor residing within me. There wasn't much sleep last night, in between cats walking on my face, puppy whining, and the gosh awful humidity I was kept up and wrapped up in my mind and thoughts.Not to mention I accidentally forgot to turn off the sound system for the tv last night and around 2am we heard a screeching noise and a warning about thunderstorms...I never heard that thunderstorm the crazy man was talking about.

This week hasnt been all that blissful, Ive been nauseated, I had my first pregnancy puke yesterday, I have cramps and these prenatal vitamins are horse pills!!....But nothing makes me feel better than seeing how Dominic is reacting to the news. It's as if hes on daddy mode already, somehow hes turned into a great chef, and has been cooking. Ive been doing the dishes mostly.

                                        One night we had beef and broccoli rice and lumpia.
                                   The next day we had some amazing sliders and curly fries.

So at 6:30 am we finally get up to get ready, my appointment wasnt until 9:15. But he needed to shower and get ready, I stayed and slept a little longer. I got up walked puppy outside came back and it started a torrential downpour so Dom went to the little corner store and bought a couple umbrellas, I dont know why we got rid of ours when we moved, did I think that it wouldnt rain in Texas??
As we start walking I manage to break the umbrella with my endless fidgeting, Im such a brute!
We caught the 7:26 bus to downtown and had to change to get the light rail. This is such a journey!
We get off at the stop and have to walk a little bit to the building, while on the walk we managed to escape being drenched by cars passing by puddles. We had a systematic thing going on, walk on grass, walk on pavement. At some point I end up walking on what Im pretty sure is wet cement, but it felt so squishy and fun to walk on...Bad idea, we get to the building and I still have a ton of it on my shoes...

We get to the doctors office and of course their carpet is some light color, go figure. This office is just amazing, there are pictures of babies on the walls, not the babies that you just go oh ew, but artistically done and quite beautiful, there are fresh beautiful flowers, the chairs and couches and sofas are like what you find in the cutest fanciest houses, and there are chandeliers, Chandeliers!!! Ok so I make my way up to the desk and tell them that Im fashionably early for my 9:15 appointment. By fashionably early I mean an hour. The receptionist asks me to fill out some other paperwork and I ask for a pen, she point to the pen holder, I grab what happens to be the worlds prettiest pens. Its got some jewels on it, its a light silver and has the name of the clinic engraved on it. I wanted to take that pen home.....Why is everything so delicate and feminine in here!!
Well I fill out my paperwork return it and she takes a picture of me. Why? If I knew there were gonna be pictures I would have showered this morning not last night ok?!

I sit back down and after however long MaryAnne the super adorable MA calls me back. She didnt call me Goolia or Guy-ulia. She called me the correct name. Kudos MaryAnne I already like you!
We got my weight,blood pressure and I peed in a cup, good cuz I had to really go. 
She asks lots of questions, one even being are there any jewish, italian (a few other choices) in you? Why? I finally get into one of the uncomfortable pink gowns they put you in and stare at the ultrasound probe.
My PA comes in, Brandi, shes very smiley. Blonde, bob, I think she has had some botox done....
She introduces herself and is a very nice woman. She does my boob check Ouch it hurts ok! And then goes in for the kill, I gotta get a pap smear. Oh hooray!! Shes talking me though everything and Maryannes right there in eyesight of my hoohah...Sorry I guess there goes our chances of ever becoming friends.
She finally finishes the dreaded pap, no seriously there isnt a single woman who can actually leave after one and go on with her day as if she didnt just get molested by a Qtip.
Brandi then says its time for the ultrasound, yes! Finally, ok Im ready, Im not intimidated at all  by the ultrasound, since its too early to be able to see though an outside ultrasound they have to do it though inside.
As it turns out though, were only 5 weeks in, meaning tadpoles actually only a black blip on the ultrasound. But its there!!! Theres a little human growing inside me. Im like a clam turning a grain of sand into a beautiful pearl!
                                                    The little black dot in the middle left

After the ultrasound Brandi tells me that I have to now go get some blood work done. They were also gonna test me for Toxoplasmosis, since I have cats and litter boxes may contain it? Im not quite sure about it. And NO I will not get rid of my cats! I go and get my blood done, I hate needles, despise them. And I only have one good vein, I sure hope they wont have to keep drawing blood, I dont want flashbacks of my Pima days!
After all was done we set up another appointment for the 5th, well be around 7 weeks and hopefully be able to hear a little heartbeat and see something.

We left in happy spirits, everything is going well so far. I have a lot of positive energy coming from everyone. At least everyone that knows. Dom still hadn't told his family or friends. On the ride back I kept thinking well, its 3 months before they say its safe. Gosh thats an awful long time to not say anything to his family.
We get home and Im clearly quite uncomfortable after everything so I lay down on the couch, he makes us some food before heading to work.
About 15 minutes later I got tagged in a status that he had posted.

Well thats one way to put it!! Since, I have been showered with such positivity and so much great enforcement, I am truly lucky to have all the people I have in my life.
Thank you all even though I'm not near most, I still feel as if they're all here with me, doing this.

Oh and also my sister posted this up and I thought it was pretty cute!!
I hope we can have one for every week or every few weeks when it starts changing sizes?? eh? ehh!!!

My unplanned surprise

First time blogging, my aunt gave me the idea to start a blog as I seem to have a little tadpole within me. I've always been told Im a pretty good writer also, so hopefully this will be entertaining as Im sure Ill have a lot to say.
I guess when I really think of it, it wasnt such a surprise, I had gotten off birth control to get my body back to somewhat of a normal hormone balance, and I had gained a bit of weight with the last one. Ive always been kind of a weird-o about pregnancy scares, not that I ever was before, but I had taken plenty of tests before. But I never knew what I would do if any of them ever came back positive, or 3 of them.

 Obviously the 16 year old in me had to call my best friend. I call her multiple times and she doesn't answer. I ask her to call me back ASAP. In the 2 minutes it took I went from being completely composed to a bawling hot mess. Shes telling me her husbands getting his citizenship and shes at the homeland security office and that this was NOT the place to hear such news. I start laughing and there might have been a lot of swearing also, she had told me before I left that I was gonna get pregnant in TX and be with a bunch of guns and bibles. I finally calmed down enough and her last response is "does  he know?" No of course he doesnt know yet!!! I cant just say heyyy by the I might be pregnant? It had to be something better, epic, and not to count that I was scared out of my mind. I mean here I am, just moved states, a new job, a new puppy!!, and we dont even have a car yet!!

So I go to work, and I try to call my sister but shes in class. So I text her. (This whole texting thing is very convenient. You cant screen a text!) I get to work and luckily all the other managers are at a meeting so I have time to calm myself. Im in shock. I get a call from my sister and I tell her, well Im at work and have no time to freak out so you're gonna be an aunt. She pauses then tells me shes very excited and that everythings gonna be okay. Probably some more things too, I cant remember too well. One of my hostesses called and says she was gonna be late because her mom is 3 months pregnant and having back pain and she needs to help her. Is it just me or is everything about babies around me lately?? That had been the 4th thing I had heard over the past few days about pregnancy or baby. I had lunch with Dom that day, something that doesn't happen. All I kept thinking is oh god will he be mad? Hes always told me he wants kids and that he'd like to be a young dad, but was this the right time? When my hostess showed  up I asked her how her mom was, and she said she was okay that it happens. She tells me she was thinking about me and how I had been feeling lately (nauseous!!! lethargic, very tired DING DING DING all symptoms) and just smiles at me. She said I was already glowing. How did she know!?! Was she some sort of baby whisperer?! We spent the rest of the day finding out ways to tell him. It was decided that I would buy baby booties and present them to him.

 I got off work early and went to the store. There were no baby booties, I had spent the whole day texting my sister and best friend and they pointed out that while I had the whole day to process what was happening I couldnt expect him to be completely fine with everything the moment I told him. And since I had done the whole "negative" on myself that I should present it in a positive way to him. So I did what I thought was best, I went to the beer aisle and bought a "40 oz" then went back to the baby aisle. The cheapest thing was a baby bottle. Why didnt I think of that!! I also picked up a random stuffed sock puppet. I came home and he was outside with the neighbor hanging out, I start sweating and make my way inside. He comes to use the bathroom and I lock myself in the bedroom trying to set things up. (I had also promised Viktoria I would record his reaction) I ask him to come in and he looks at my set up kind of confused, then says "Are you pregnant" I dont know where my voice went I weakly said yes....and immediately want to start crying. He asks me how Im doing if Im okay and all I want to know is how HE is if hes scared upset mad...Hes smiling, no not smiling, grinning from ear to ear. What a relief. Honestly I had never seen him so happy. He then says well you dont know me you got me the wrong 40....Give it to him to talk about the beer! He asked me to go outside with him to drink, " oh no wait you cant drink anymore!"
Okay hes getting the hang of things, I think well be alright!!!
I stayed behind to call back Viktoria and my sister to let them know how it went. As I went outside my neighbor had baby clothes in her hand and said Id like you to have these. What an amazing gesture! They had problems and had bought some clothes already, but she said shed love it if I had them. This southern hospitality thing is really an amazing thing.

Now I know what they say, "Dont tell people until your 3rd month" Ive never been one for much patience. So I had to call my parents, it was the right thing to do! They had just had some missionaries rent out their place and went 5 days without internet , the internet at the beach house is terrible. So their phone wasnt working. I finally got a hold of mom on facebook (Shes very social network savvy) and asked for them to call me. Again I get scared, these are my parents! I talk a little with her and finally I say, Youre gonna be a grandma!! She started crying and cheering and thanking god for such a blessing. When dad gets on the phone and I tell him hes a little different, hes always been more conservative, and he was in the Navy. So I got a congratulations Im very happy for you and theyre very happy for another grandchild. When I got off the phone with him I had a notification on my facebook, mom had tagged me and said she was so happy she was getting another child, now this would have been mortifying in one language but she included both!! I had to explain to he the 3 month rule and that his family didnt know yet. It was great to see her so happy though. Hopefully they come back, as me and my sister have planned in our minds, mom could babysit and dad work...

I also went online that day to look up ob/gyn's in the area. Where would I go? Thank you google! I found a place that seemed nice, its all women doctors and in their pictures they all have very nice white teeth...

So here I am now. I have an appointment on the 20th.. I havent got a clue about pregnancy and what goes on. Im a bit scared. Ive always thought by the time I was having a kid that there would be some sort of x-ray that would zap the baby out of me...
I know how delicate the first few weeks and months are...Im hoping for the best.