Thursday, February 5, 2015

For my first act Ill bring back an eradicated disease

Have you seen measles in front of you? What about smallpox? Maybe polio? Chances are you haven't.  These diseases have been eradicated in the US. At least they were. Measles was virtually gone until 2000, then breakouts started happening.

This year 102 cases have been reported from one person that visited Disneyland. One person! 14 states, 102 cases. Let that sink in.

Humans think we're invincible, that in every situation it will "never happen to me."
My generation is the worst, if we dont see it then it didnt happen or it wont.
Something changes inside of us once we are faced with something, until we see it, until its too late.

So why are parents deciding against vaccinating their children?
I posted a status asking and these were some of the answers.

*First born had allergic reaction so they dont vaccinate the others in fear of allergy.
*Big Pharma is not to be trusted
*Afraid it causes autism
*Blindly following others without doing research
*Not knowing the ingredients

These are terrible reasons to gamble with your childs health!

We can not rely on others doing it, Ive heard the story; "why does it matter if my child isnt vaccinated if yours is?"
While vaccines work 95% for those vaccinated theres also the ones who are too young or for health reasons can not get them.
They rely on "herd immunity" to keep them safe.
When more and more people go against it, it puts everyone in danger.

Most of the time outbreaks come from other countries. Someone traveled to or came into the country whether vaccinated or not (maybe they needed a booster). Planes dont get cleaned thoroughly in between flights. One person.
one layover.
How many people could that one person infect?

The way traveling works now days is the reason kids have to have so many more immunizations. Something that isnt common in Washington could be in Asia.

Some say that our own immune system can fight off the diseases. At what price though? What about side effects or different complications that may come from that one sickness?
Im overly vaccinated, I have the scar on my arm from the smallpox vaccine. Every year in Brasil I would kick and scream because I didnt want to get any shots. Im healthy. I never had chickenpox.
I had the vaccine, at least I wont get shingles.

Autism is not caused by vaccines. Its insane how one doctors false research could become one of the biggest reasons behind peoples decision making. A research that was retracted and a doctor who lost his license!

My friend pointed out that we will never be able to eradicate any more diseases if people dont vaccinate.
While were over here being picky and chosing not to vaccinate, a mother in a third world country is walking 20 miles in order to give her child a chance at not getting sick.

Maybe its going to take seeing these diseases come back and in person. Maybe it will take having a global pandemic. Maybe it will take being too late.