Friday, May 24, 2013

Sick as a dog...

Warning: Somewhat graphic information about pregnancy nausea. I warned you!

For anyone who's drank in their life they have probably at said "I will never drink again" at least once. Hangovers. Never fun, you feel dizzy, nauseous, head achy, lethargic...the list goes on.
But whats the real worst about it? The nausea and vomiting. Which brings me to my topic today. Pregnancy nausea. (Even though all those other symptoms are also found during pregnancy)
My best friend and I would always go out, drink and mix, and I would feel just fine and dandy the next day,  but I would always wake up to her staring me down and saying "I'm nauseous".
And while everyone has a "cure" for a hangover; greasy food, lots of water, pedialyte, more drinks, and tylenol, it usually goes away as the day goes on.

The problem with pregnancy nausea is as the day goes on, the nausea doesn't ease up. It's not even just in the mornings that it comes. It hits you out of nowhere. I was at work the other day making the board when the night cleaners were finishing and cleaning the stainless steel doors, the fake citrus smell of the cleaner sent me over the edge, from that moment on I felt sick.
And let me tell you there are times you think oh its probably going to be just a quick vomit, or easy, and all the sudden it's like you're in the Exorcist and cant quite even figure out what it is you're puking.
I have two bathrooms at work to chose from; the upstairs kitchen and the lobby bathroom,, the upstairs bathroom is vile, it smells of sewage and food and even if you are not sick you will be once you start walking up the stairs. But there's a nice little chair in there to take a mini break. The one in the lobby really shouldn't be used by employees...even though most front desk, managers and supervisors all use it. Neither bathroom is close enough though...I usually have to do some old lady jogging 7
Lots of people say your second trimester you aren't sick as much, but that's not a for sure thing. My friend Natalie is well into her 2nd if not 3rd now and the poor girl has to run to a trash can or toilet constantly. I feel this will be what's in stores for me. I have become accustomed to having a little bag in my purse just in case.

How do you fix pregnancy nausea? You really cant... There are pills the doctor can give you, and they can work pretty well, but here's the thing. It stops things from leaving....completely. So now you're not puking, but you're not getting rid of anything else as well. I'd rather puke.
There are a few foods I find better to eat if I know that its going to be one of those days where nothing stays down, I don't know if I've uncovered anything new women just don't talk much about puke....
I find that crackers help a lot with the acidity, bananas, soda, drinking water with lime
And then there are things I stay away on those days, anything oily, olives, oatmeal, rice, spicy and acidic things.

And I know this plays no part in nausea I have had some weird cravings, I don't like cantaloupe, in fact I don't fancy any melons, but yesterday I found myself putting salt on it at lunch and having quite the delicious little salty fruit. In fact I keep putting salt in everything, and if you know my parents thats what they do, salt in everything, including pizza. Although I do like salty food I'm not one to just pour salt into my food. I'm trying to ween away from salt and limes but they're just so darn delicious!!!

So that's my take on pregnancy nausea, if you want to put yourself in my shoes please go outside get as many different colored drinks and don't eat and see how your day plays out.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

End of Tape 1....trimester 1

I know if I don't start writing more blogs I'm going to end up kicking myself for it. I'm just so tired all the time!!! No more excuses. And since pizza seems to take about an hour to get places here I should make use of my time.

I feel like I'm listening to a very long audio book. Let's say Twilight just for the heck of it. I despise twilight. but you can think of it as any book you disliked...A book you read in HS?. I read Twilight in high school because everyone was reading it, mistake one. I read 4 books in record time, but it was because I kept thinking it was going to get better. It didn't, and now I have a book I left in Brazil for whoever gets really bored at the beach house. So incorporating this feeling of a terrible book into pregnancy, I keep thinking its going to get better. So for now we're putting in tape two of the book. Trimester number 2. Everyone's favorite apparently. And just because it's their favorite doesn't mean it isn't going to suck, because guys, I'm sorry pregnancy isn't for me. While you may have had birthed 6 or more children and love the pregnancy feeling I'm so happy for you, I don't. I'm ready to buy a time machine and fast forward to the good part
                                             This is Leo and I napping while reading Twilight

So as of yesterday I am now 13 weeks, we're in the safe zone!! Not that I was afraid anyways, Last year, while at zombie prom there was a crazy card reading woman, and while she got almost everything wrong she pointed out that I'm very fertile and that I would move somewhere sunny (ding ding its 90+ degrees today, Ive barricaded myself in my bedroom with the AC) . But maybe there was more in those cards and I didn't pay much attention. Anyways Bean, now a lemon (maybe not as sour as a lemon) has finger prints! I don't know why I find it so fascinating. Maybe its because now Bean has his/her own identity that nobody else has. Fingerprints and your tongue are each different from everyone else (I wonder if Bean has a little tongue already?). But as much as I know and am feeling pregnant I don't think it has particularly hit me really that I'm going to be a mom. Even writing that sentence felt weird. It's not that I see Bean in my future already, I keep daydreaming on the bus about a wedding and having Bean there which would be totally awesome!! But I feel like I'm going to go through this whole pregnancy and not really realize it until I'm holding a baby. And then it's going to be a moment "Oh **** I'm a mom." In a good way by the way, I just tend to have a little bit of a sailor's mouth. No need to blame me folks that's all my dad who was in the Navy.
Maybe things change once I get to see an actual ultrasound of a human inside me, and knowing whether its a boy or girl. Next month we'll know. Or once Bean will have an actual name. Sorry Kurt Cobain I can't name my child Bean.

We have picked out middle names. If it's a girl Rose, for my grandmother, and Robert for his grandfather, which also happens to be his best friend's name. Speaking of names it's a little complicated having to go bilingual with them. I couldn't pick a cool name like Riley (unisex name :)), Riley just wouldn't sound good coming out of a Brazilian's mouth, it sounds like angry German. And I wouldn't feel right naming my kid Rodolfo because all I keep seeing is Jennifer Aniston in Along Came Polly and her ferret.                                                        

I think it's time for some tv. I recently just purchased Netflix, I had it before the big changes and it just wasn't worth it. I have been glued to my TV. I have found a pretty fun little show called The Pretty Little Liars and its been entertaining. If you don't have Netflix, I highly suggest getting it,  but I think I might have been the only one now days without it.....

And while I finish this my pizza should be here, is it? Of course it isn't....Texas....I'm counting down the days until I leave.
Maybe this is a test of my patience, I'm sorry, I came out of the womb early. What makes you think I will learn now?!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

And the beat goes on

First let me start out by saying Happy Mother's Day yall!!
A mother doesn't have to give birth to someone to be a mother, there are many types of mothers out there, grandmother, step mother, mother to be, pet mother, adopted mother, your best friends mother who you have taken on as your own mother ( I have a few of those). She is someone who loves you unconditionally and is always there to listen to your worries.

My mother hasn't been around for the past few years, but I've had the pleasure of having great mother figures to turn to in the mean time. I have a great grandmother in law who has been such a great support for Dom and I throughout our relationship. Dom's step mom Anja even though his dad's no longer married to her (and lucky you lady!) has been a great friend/motherly figure. She's german and we're always VERY excited to go hang out with her and her family, her parents also have the most beautiful place in Stanwood. Then there is my sister, who although not a mother (a pet mother of many actually) has been a mother/sister/best friend so many times. Then theres my Brazilian mothers, mt friend Claudia's mom has always been a great second mom, I would sometimes go over to their place and end up talking for hours with both of them or sometimes just her mom. Dom didn't understand why I said I was almost leaving and ended up getting home 2 hours later. And Jenni's mom who is always saying if I need anything I can always go to her and willing to share her recipe of cheesy potato casserole (it's beyond delicious).

                                                      But this is my mom!!! And shes not replaceable

I spoke with my parents today on my way home from work. My sister was there and they were all enjoying the nice Sunday. I didn't have much time to talk because they live on the beach and the connection is always terrible. Dad said that mom was going to try to come up for Bean's birth. I'm very excited. I mean its sort of a right of passage right? Grandma always helps out with baby once it's born! Also, my mom's birthday is November 24th, two days after Bean is supposed to come out, with any luck I can hold onto two days and give her a good present. This will be her second grandchild, my sister has a son who's 8 so it's about time for another one.

Moving on to Bean, Bean is now 12 weeks old, and Bean is no longer a bean, its a plum!!

 Almost done with the first trimester, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Its dim....a bit dim....I'm no longer having much morning sickness but now I have dizziness. It seems I'm destined to have everything in the books huh? I'm starting to show also..My work pants are no longer zipping and I've started to use the second button thats technically only there to make sure it looks good. I see lots of dresses in my near future. The weather is starting to get really hot also. I know I'm from a tropical place but no I'm not a fan of heat, I hate heat, no, I hate humidity. Its a constant sauna outside. And then there's the thunderstorms....and flash flooding...
Why Houston? Why must you make us suffer?

I went to the doctors on the 1st for a check up, Dom didn't go because we had to change the appointment day. I trekked all the way there by myself, without headphones because I forgot them at home, and knew by the time I got back the dog would have eaten them already (he also ate my brand new inhaler took it out of the box and ate it fastest way to lose $50).

I finally got to the building after sweating a good bucket because for some reason, the 30 minutes from my house to downtown the temperature went up 500 degrees. The moment I walk into the building I was instantly calmer, I think they have pheromones in the air, I mean its a women's only place and there's a LOT of hormones, so I can understand it, and I appreciate it really. I checked in and I decided to try out the 4th different type of chair in the waiting room. I think this is the one for me, its white and fluffy and squishy. I get called back and we check my vitals I've always had lower blood pressure, which isn't fun when you go in a sauna, or hot tub, it usually ends with passing out. So not to my surprise 104/60, could this be why I'm so dizzy?!
I go in the exam room and she pulls our the doppelganger to listen to babys heart. Of course before she even puts it on my stomach I have my phone out and asking, well telling her mostly that I was going to record it. After a couple of minutes we hear the heartbeat 158bpm, somebody was just as excited as I was!?

Botox Brandi finally came in, after an eternity. She asks the usual, "How are you feeling, any questions?" Yes, I've been dizzy, she tells me that there are two reasons dizziness happens; blood sugar is low and blood pressure is low. Well B.B you saw my bp is low and she decides to tell me it's my diet. I told her I drank juice in the morning along with a banana. Apparently that's not okay, its too much sugar and I crash from the sugar. So instead she tells me to add crystal light or use mio in my water, so you'd like me to not have any natural sugars but its okay to have fake sugar? Lady all that botox has gotten to your brain. I have decided that I no longer wish to have her as a doctor, I will switch her out with someone else. Dont worry Dr Briger you're safe, for now.

Speaking of work Dom finished his training in record speed, what was supposed to go on until June is done. He is now an Assistant Front Office Manager. Woohoo! Unfortunately that means well be working opposite shifts, I work mornings like crack of dawn early and hell be going into work when I get done. Lame. But its a good thing, hes moving up fast. In my mind that means we'll end up home sooner.

Thats pretty much whats going on with us though. I think its about time for another Galveston trip? Last time we went puppy had a blast covering us with sand.  

                                                                       Week 10 with Kobe waving
                                                                   Week 12
                 Heres a picture of an update of the cats and dog, it may look like they are all getting along very well but Tigger and Kobe are going at it. At least theyre all able to lay on the bed together.