Friday, July 26, 2013

Quinoa spinach brown rice grain of wonder

I always see people posting pictures of their healthy meals online.
My thoughts are always the same.
Nope, not eating that!!!

As wonderful as that may be for my body. It was probably way out of my budget and the way I see if once I'm old and frail all that I will be eating will be liquified or pureed, so might as well enjoy my teeth and eating what I want.

I understand that while pregnant your diet has to be a very healthy one. But its insane the amount of things you can't eat while pregnant.
*Hot dogs and deli meats (Have to be cooked thoroughly)
*Larger fish (swordfish, shark...) (Also I would never eat a poor defenseless shark)
*Sprouts (Bean sprouts count??)
*Unpasteurized juices (Seriously?)
*Excess caffeine (Meh)
*Herbal tea and supplements (But I like tea!)
*Soft cheeses (Why fetaaaaaa?)
*Raw or undercooked meats and fish (Sushi Land, Nijos...Ill miss you guys)

 Honestly though, you'd rather me go and buy some fake juice instead of a nice fresh squeezed orange juice? Sometimes it doesn't make sense. Also I may or may not be following that very thoroughly...
I still wonder how they come up with all of these do not do while pregnant things.
I know for a fact my mom smoked probably a pack a day while pregnant with me and drank gallons of espresso. I think, and correct me if I'm wrong but I think I came out alright.

I really dislike warm sandwiches, so the first few times going to Subway I had to get my meat heated up...I thought it would be more of a Quizno's hot sandwich and it was nowhere near that....The ham was lukewarm...I dont think that made much of a difference on whether I got listeria or not so I have decided not to heat it anymore. Not that I get Subway very often, I tend to somehow always get sick from different stores...
I have a very sensitive stomach okay?!

I've unfortunately become lactose intolerant with this pregnancy. Not that I was ever much of a milk drinker..but really its summer and I like milkshakes!!
So its been coconut/almond milk for pregnita. I went to get froyo yesterday with my friend and sat there trying out all of the froyos...ooops.
I'm really hoping that this goes away after pregnancy.

I cant live off of fruit and vegetables, I have to dip my toes into some sort of bad food right? I have the right to!! I have been sick for the past 4 months I think I deserve some good fun. While I've never been someone who likes sweets I have found myself with quite the sweet tooth I can't get rid of.
So when I felt that need of sweet goodness after dinner the other day everyone seemed happy that Bean wanted something sweet. We trekked to Whole Foods where they sell pie slices so everyone was able to pick their own. Grandma got a very nice lemon meringue, Grandpa and Carol both got decadent chocolate cream pies, Dom got a very nice Kahlua creme (what an alcoholic) and I came back with a Hazelnut Fudge cake...I didnt just eat it, I devoured it.

Dom's had a few cravings himself. Blue Cheese. Which to me not only smells like feet but also tastes like what his feet would taste like.
Speaking of feet, our last ultrasound we got to see that Bean might become a gymnast. He had his feet up to his face and Im quite sure he was sucking on them.
I wonder if I can find my picture of me doing that, I used to do it all the time when I was young.

Lastly a great thing about pregnancy is all the heartburn. If I had any doubt before whether he'd be hairy I don't now. Say it is a old wives tale? I think it's quite true. Please don't let my baby come out a werewolf. But if anyone has a good cure for heartburn please, share.

Oh and one last update, I'd like to thank my girl Liz for helping me with a job. I will be working with the "oldies" as an activity coordinator. I may even create a new activity once Bean's born. "Take care of baby time". Old people love babies. That's a fact.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's in a name?

Naming a kid is different than naming say a pet or a doll.
That individual will have that name to be with for the rest of his life.
Through kindergarten where they may make fun of them for their name, through elementary school where they will try to find their own nickname, in high school when they may want to take more of an adult style nickname or use their real name and in college where that name will be used in a piece of paper that will determine their career path.

I have chosen the name Charles Robert Kramer.

Baby Charles will have many nicknames to chose from. Charlie, Chuck, Chuckie, if he wants to use his middle name then, Rob, Robbie, Bobby, Bob....

I chose Charles because it is a name that's not very common. It's a timeless name. I believe that a name gives you personality. If you have a strong name you are bound to become something powerful.
Also I don't want my kid to be racially profiled when he's older and trying to apply for a job. There are many names that may get stereotyped. As wrong as it is, it happens, and no I don't agree with it.

The middle name Robert is from Dominic's Grandfather. We agreed that if I chose the first name he could have the middle name. I think its a great middle name and both first and middle name mesh very well.

It doesn't bother me if you don't like it. You're not the one raising my kid. I was going to keep it hush hush to keep the bad juju off of him but why should I? I'm proud and happy of the name I chose.

Charles means free man, it is the name of the first Holy Roman Emperor and a name which many royal families use. There have been many intelligent individuals in history with the name Charles. Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Charlie Chaplin...Chuck Bass...

While you may ask why I didn't pick anything from my own family's past I will say I didn't have many choices. I did like the name William who was also my step grandfather it is also the name of my sisters adorable fluffy cat. I couldn't let him live thinking I named him after my sisters cat. (Even though Will is the most amazing cat I've ever met, besides Leo obviously.)
In a conversation with my sisters mom she kept throwing out names and I kept deflecting them with the fact that well they've all been used on one pet in the family. Leo's name is retired, may he rest in kitty heaven. Jackson is also longer name for Jack....She said I used all the good names on my animals.

Then there's the fact that family's from Brasil. My mom's side of the family was from a small little town and you know how those names work out. My grandpas name was Geneval and what a great man he was from stories I've heard. But say that out loud, what does it sound like?? ......Yeah not going to work out. And even though I have rekindled a relationship with my own father I don't think that I will carry on his names to my own child. I think the many years I gave him the first piece of cake on my birthdays should be plenty.

Even though Kramer isn't the best last name  (Seinfeld anyone??) I wont subject my kid to having a hyphenated last name to include both my name and Dominic's. We aren't married (yet....) but I think 5 years with someone is enough to pass on his name to our offpsring.

But who knows? Maybe he won't like his name and will think its horrible and will change it after turning 18. At least he'll have it for 18 years of his life. As long as he doesn't change it to something weird like Meta World Peace  it's up to him. But to me, he will always be Bean.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Welcome Home!

As a few of you have experienced our surprise already it is now safe to say we are back in the Northwest.
No more cockroaches, no more humidity, no more Texas!

My last day at work Ms.Flor my mother figure at work bought two delicious cakes to celebrate my going away. Veronica my wine expert bought Bean his first outfit. That was when it became real that 1)We were going home and 2)Oh I'm having a baby!
Dom's front office team threw us a baby shower, unfortunately I had already left work so he had to step in for momma duty. Bean got so many cool presents I'm excited for him!!!

7 States in 3 days with 2 cats and 1 dog. We left Sunday morning and drove all the way to Albuquerque, NM. 12 and a half hours of driving but we were out of Texas. We hit a horrible thunderstorm in New Mexico our windshield wipers couldn't keep up with the amount of rain, it was bucket fulls. Of course there was no way to pull over because what if there was a flash flood?? We stayed the night at a Motel 6. They're not terrible, but if I ever hear someone compare the Hyatt to a Motel 6 again I might kick that individual.
The second day we drove to Twin Falls, ID.  We drove through all of Utah and some Colorado. I must say out of all of the states we went through Utah was the most beautiful. That second day was another 12 and a half hours drive. Lots of fast food on the way.
On our last day we drove all the way through Washington and Oregon. It was the best feeling getting into Washington, I had missed the nature and trees and beauty.

The start
My favorite picture of Jack
Tigger found a comfortable spot
My chauffeur 
Twin falls
Bored on the last day
Are those trees?!
We dropped off the cats at my friends mom's house, who loves cats and says its been a great thing having them around. My sister and I contemplated giving her a cat once we get a place and have to take mine back...I think it might happen ;)
We are staying with Dominic's grandparents until we find a place. Kobe is in love with the new found freedom of a ginormous backyard. And he has a new roomie, Piper. His grandparents little westie. We're still getting acclimated as Kobe likes to use his paws a lot and pipey is a smaller dog.

Like every year for the past 5 years the tradition is to go over to Kingston and go to Bobby's cabin. We surprised everyone when we showed up and they were walking the boat to the dock and we started honking. I thought there were going to be tears....The shock and confusion on everyone's face was priceless. It was great to be reunited with friends! The boys set out crab pots that day and we caught a ton of crabs. Tina and Emily were really excited to crack crabs and the boys had no problem with that haha.


So now were back to real life. Dom will be working at the Edgewater as an Assistant Front Office Manager and I'm waiting to hear back from the Hyatt.

I need to find a new OBGYN or a Midwife now. If anyone knows of a place they liked I'd love to hear about it.