Monday, January 11, 2016

A New Year, Old Resolutions

As one of my Resolutions I plan to blog more.

As with the start of a new year my newsfeed instantly becomes an ad for Gyms, pinterest recipes, and the new fad diet/cleanse. Im glad the juice cleanses have taken the back seat at least.

It took me 2 years after I had Charlie to get to the gym.
I tried clean eating; I take back my earlier comments on quinoa, it can be quite tasty.
I bought an eliptical for the house; its in the garage for $100 if anyone wants it.
I tried walking; I hate walking, I do, I can do 3miles at the gym but get me to walk half a mile on the street and I want to die.
These things did not work out for me, and as I hit a rough patch in life and started questioning my self worth my sister came in on a beautiful white unicorn and said she got me 3 months at her gym for my christmas present,(my familys not subtle on presents, one year all I got was bath products....I dont know what they were getting at). Before anyone says she was calling me fat though we had talked about me doing something for myself. What does a stay at home mom do for herself though? Im not really artistic so I cant be a Pinterest mom, I dont do sports...and writting, well its still at home in between "get down from there" and "stop taunting the dog". The gym was a getaway.

My first day back at the gym was like first day of High School. All these girls wearing make up, and good looking outfits. I stood with my Mickey Mouse shirt trying to check in and trying to fit in. Now that I think of it the gym is pretty much a high school.

You have:

Popular guys- Sleeveless shirts, checking the phone constantly,
The jocks- Theyre on the treadmills going 100mph making it look effortlessly.
Popular girls - Wears full face make up, makes her way around gym without ever working out.
Poser- Takes selfies.
Drama kids- Comes for the classes, zumba, step, yoga..etc.
The stoners - They come for the free pizza. (Planet Fitness)
The outsiders- There to work out and leave, doesnt make eye contact with anyone.
Super seniors- The old guy who wants to look like hes young by wearing "cool clothes".
Basketball players- Theyre...playing basketball, usually has an entourage.
The Teachers- The ones doing cardio watching CNN.
Band Geek- Loud music in their ears.
New kid- Usually being shown around by the trainer.
Foreign exchange student- Has a friend by their side, may go into the jacuzzi.
Bullies- One making fun of others, has a "bro",
Nerd- May use the bikes, will be watching some sort of video on phone.
Teachers pet- Trying to show off how much of something they can do..
Coach- Pushing their friend to their breaking point.
The Dropout- Not there.

Of course these are just fun stereotypes please don't take it seriously.

It can be hard to make life changes, and I hope that all of my friends stick to their resolution of becoming healthier. I dont like seeing "resolutioners at the gym" memes because its poking fun at someones expense, these people are brave for taking a step at bettering themselves. They shouldnt be made fun of, they should be taught how to use equipment, especially for their safety.
I also hope that if anyone sees that happening that they step up and help out that person, because thats another good resolution, Helping others more.

Whatever your new years resolutions may be, I hope you all have a wonderful new year and that you may grow and be who you want and are meant to be!

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