Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I am 297 months old.

I never understood why after 1 year parents still counted how many months their child was, and when do they decide when to stop? You dont see adults saying "Yes Lisa is 48 months old."

The other day at the mall playground I had to chase Charlie who was trying to steal some guy's drink away from him. (We've already had to pay for someones Panda Express because he decided he was going to run up to their table and grab it and try to run away.)
We got to talking, and apologizing. And the usual questions come up, "Oh shes so cute how old is she?"
"This is my 23 month old, and thats my 4 year old."
* Oh you're one of those people.....*

Why can't you just say shes turning 2 next month?!!! I find myself telling months because someone else is telling months. Then I wonder, what if someone else is doing that just because Im doing it too!!?!!
The insanity has to stop.
Charlie turned 1 in November. No more 14 months.

Is it so the other person knows what size clothes they wear? Let me tell you My disproportionate son wears 24 on top, and 12 on bottom. He's got that top heavy from his dad. Maybe my short little legs?
Is it because the doctor says it so now we feel like were more sophisticated and must use the same lingo as them?
Pregnancy ended many many months ago, a part Im all too happy to forget, but now instead of counting weeks, Im counting months.

I think its cute and perfectly okay to use months for the first year, I mean that year is when so much happens. They go from being little helpless babies to crawling and walking and talking! Thats a lot to learn in just a year.

So unless we stop the nonsense of telling months after a year I will refer to my age to months as well. 297.8 months. (Yes I used a calculator, For math is another language to me)

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