Saturday, January 17, 2015

What would you do with a whole day to yourself?

Today Charlie got to go spend the day at his boppys and Mimi's.
That means I had a free day as my husband calls it, good because I think I was catching Charlies cold.
In the morning I packed his bag lots of clothes, boogey wipes(just a fancy name for saline wipes), his sheep,  and off he went to a day adventure.

What was I to do with a whole 9 hours to myself?!?  About once a month Charlie goes over to his yayas house and spends the night,  usually its someone's birthday or something were doing that night so while its great to get to do something were usually trying to pack so much in that day that its more exhausting than having him. Seriously one day we dropped him off, had to rush to lunch at the space needle(courtesy of Doms work) and make it to everett for a hockey game, all in about a 5 hour span.

So today was nice that I had no plans, and had no plans on folding the laundry that has piled on the night stand, and wherever else charlie drags things to. The house is clean otherwise. Big thank to my mom who's been cleaning the kitchen. Did I mention my parents are living with me?? Some may think its inconvenient, I think its yummy. I'll take my moms delicious food any day!!!!!

So I started my day with reading my book, I'm currently reading the Divergent trilogy. Its taken me way too long to read a book that's less than 500 pages. I'm a huge bookworm so I get really invested into my books, but I'm happy to say I finished the first book and on to the second.
I did my nails, my toes and my hands. Well whatever little tiny hand nails I have now that I don't constantly do them anymore. It was a 2x a week thing.

I was able to go to the bathroom and shower and not have little hands slapping the door or trying to get under.
I actually left the bathroom door open all day without having to run in and drag little hands out of trying to get into the toilet.

In spent time with my cats, all day fat jack and Kobe laid in bed with me while I read or watched TV.
I caught up on TV shows, and watched more Friends.

The greatest of all I got BORED! I haven't gotten bored in a very long time. It was a reminder that I enjoy being on my toes all day being a mom. I'm fortunate to have all day to play and hang out with my little man. But I'm also grateful for family to get a breather day here and there. Thank you guys.

Being a parent is hard, it can put strain on your marriage or relationship. So once a month, take time out from being parents and indulge in being significant others. Go to a movie, to the beach, have a picnic in the living room and watch movies.
You'd be surprised at how much that can lift your spirits.

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